Friday, November 21, 2008


Today we got a late start, and were still working when Dave came home.

Still using lots of worksheets. He seems to enjoy them but I'm hoping to branch out soon - I have some ideas for next week.

Some of the work seems a little easy for him. I hope to be able to start nudging him forward a little, now that I know what concepts he understands. This week has given me a much better idea of what he can handle.

I need some good ideas for History. Right now I'm leaning toward getting both The Story of the World Vol. 1, and A Child's History of the World and using them together (mostly because they both sound really good and I can't choose). I will probably get the SOTW activity book as well.

I also want to get a big bucket o' cubes for math. They are cheap, and the uses are endless. It seems to me a good and basic place to start.

For his birthday he got a Monopoly Town game that we can hopefully use for math quite a bit as well (it's building houses - Ethan can't wait to get started).

Today's work:

Circling the picture that does not belong in a group of four items. Talking about why it doesn't belong. I had no idea whether he could do this or not - we've actually never tried this thinking exercise before. He passed with flying colors, though he did tell me when he chose the dog out of a group of a turkey, a chicken, and a duck, that it didn't belong because it was not a vegetable. Note to self: do a lesson on animals, vegetables, and minerals. He did get that point back, however, for using the word "instruments" for a guitar, trumpet, and drum.

A review of more and fewer. Still having problems with fewer, so we did an extra page dedicated just to that. By the end of that page I think his "a-ha" moment had happened and he was getting them right, so we'll go over it once more on Monday just to be sure.

Beginning sounds T, M, B, and S. Choosing which picture has the same beginning sound as the example.

Tracing triangles.

Reading about the water cycle and learning(ish) the words "precipitation," "evaporation," and "condensation," or at least the ideas behind them. (We're going to work on this one for a while - he has plenty of time. Weather will be our science lesson for the foreseeable future.)

Reading about the different types of clouds.

Coloring and cutting out pictures of furniture and gluing them in the correct room in a house.

Sorting and counting craisins, cashews, and marshmallows, and graphing. Working on counting to 15.

I forgot to do a Bible lesson with him, but it was late and he does a devotion with Dave before bed anyway.

First Post

So here we are, homeschooling Ethan.

I'm going to try to keep a record here of what we're doing, what's working, what's not, etc. I'd like to try to keep this updated with what we do day to day, though I know it will make for some rather dry reading. I'm open to any suggestions at all for our home schooling adventure.

I already had an idea of what our target areas would be. We've already been trying to nudge him in the direction he should be going, but now it will be a concerted effort to get him up to speed.

At the moment, his letter recognition is spotty and he has no interest in learning to read. Rather odd for someone who has loved books since birth.

He can count to 11 and no further, so that is an area we will be addressing as well.

His fine motor skills are lacking somewhat, though we have seen some rather sudden improvement over the last couple of weeks as he's started drawing faces.

So. Letters, counting at least to 20, and big emphasis on fine motor skills.

Tuesday I copied several pages of worksheets just to see how long his attention span would be, and he finished most of them. I also wanted to see what sort of thinking skills he had. He's fine on most of them. What we covered:

Sorting by colors: coloring different fruits, sounding out colors, cutting out fruits (fine motor skills), sorting fruit by color and gluing to the corresponding basket.

Tracing and writing upper and lower case A.

Learning about "the same" and "more." Drawing "the same" number of kites for Sue as Bill has (he drew squares and some strings to Sue's hand. A HUGE feat for Ethan; I was extremely proud of this). Determining which group has "more" items in it.

Learning about "-est" - Finding longest and shortest in a group.

Drawing one ball for each animal on a page.

Learning B sound, and finding pictures of things that begin with the letter B


Matching beginning sounds

Sorting thing by where they belong (i.e., cow in a barn, bed in a house, tractor in a barn, oven in a house)

Picking out winter clothes from several pictures of winter and summer clothes.

Learning Daniel 3:17, hearing the story, coloring a picture, and gluing tissue paper flames onto a furnace.

Then came Wednesday, and Dylan went to the Dr. Also my copier/printer ran out of paper. So we didn't do as much on Wednesday.

Tracing of basic pre-writing strokes (he needs the most work on slants, such as for A and N and for drawing triangles).

Learning to recognize "more" and "fewer." He can easily tell which group has more, but has a very hard time with the concept of fewer or less.

Sorting, counting, and graphing a little bit of Halloween candy, to see if he could handle graphing (yes).

Reviewing Daniel 3:17, and listing and talking about other instances in the Bible where God has saved those who serve Him.

Yesterday I was sick. Ethan watched lots of Diego. I'm calling it Science and Math.

And now we're caught up and I'll do today's post separately.