Friday, January 16, 2009

And Another

Another good day today, though we got a late start.

Another A/a page from Starfall, this time we were to cut pictures out of magazines that started with the short a sound. Only problem? I don't have many magazines that were any good for that. I sat flipping through an old Southern Living while Ethan wrote a line each of upper- and lower-case As, when he stopped me. "Plaaaaant," he said. "That has A in it. He was right. So we bent the rules a little. We cut and pasted a cat, cactus, lamp, candles, hands, glass, apples, plant, macaroni, and ballet ("What's ballet?" he asked. I told him it was a kind of dance, and they dance on their toes a lot. So now? He calls it balance. The perfect mash-up of the two words!)

We worked on more scissor skills, cutting along curvy and angled lines. Even just from yesterday to today I saw vast improvement.

We cut out three pictures of children building a snowman, and he was to put them in order of first, second, and third.

We did another count-objects-circle-number page, which he did completely on his own without any guidance from me, and got them all correct!

We did a "Help the Grocer Count the Fruit" page, with numbers from 16 to 20. Again, remarkable improvement. He can almost count to 20 with little prompting (13 and 14 trip him up, and then he skips to 16).

Then it was off to the couch for reading.

We read four poems today, two short and two longer. The Squirrel, by Mildred Bowers Armstrong, The Cricket, by Marjorie Barrows, Wynken Blynken and Nod (twice - he and Aidan were both rapt, and asked for it again when it was over), and The Village Blacksmith, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (per Ethan's request, having seen the accompanying illustration).

Then Scuffy the Tugboat, which again held Ethan rapt, and then the chapter out of his Bible Story book to correspond with his Bible activity: God created land and plants. I dipped a Q-tip in orange extract, and he touched it on his coloring page where there was fruit on a tree. We reviewed Genesis 1:1 and called it a day.

Two good days in a row! Are we finally settling in? Does that ever really happen?

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