Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Day

Today was another good homeschooling day. He was extremely squirmy as we sat at the table for writing and math, but when we moved to the couch to snuggle in and read, he was very focused - interested and engaged in the stories and poems that we were reading. We accomplished a lot today.

We started back at the beginning with our writing, just to work with the printables for the Starfall program. Today we did the first A/a sheet, and played a game he liked a lot, where I would say words, and he would clap when he heard one that started with a short a sound. I added more than what was on the sheet, because he was having so much fun with it.

Then he did a word search but with letters. I found some worksheets at a website called Beginning Reading that kids can use to search for whatever letter they are working on. The letters are printed in a large font, and spaced further apart than a regular word search. Each letter of the alphabet has its own search, and each page has space at the bottom to practice writing the featured letter.

Then we moved on to a page for practicing scissor skills. He had to cut along various shaped lines. He had rather a lot of trouble with this, so we'll be revisiting it quite a bit in the coming week or two. Straight lines are no problem whatsoever. Throw in an angle, however, and he can't do it.

We did a cut and paste farm animals page. He cut out the back half of various farm animals and glued them to their matches on the other side of the page.

After than he did a connect the dots page. It was a seal, and I think it was actually supposed to go with a lesson on the letter S but it was one of only a few I found that were not too few numbers (he's ready to move past 10) and not too many (over 20). He's doing a fantastic job learning to recognize his teen numbers.

He did a color-by-number of a ball with stripes and stars on it, for number recognition and learning to read a key. He did a great job on this.

For further reinforcement of number recognition, I found some counting pages (also from Beginning Reading). He was to count the number of objects in a given row, and find and circle the corresponding number from a line of numbers beneath. As you progress through the worksheets they get more difficult. We'll be using these probably every day.

Then we went to the couch to read. We read a story called Minnie the Mermaid, by Tom and Elizabeth Orton Jones, and two poems: The Little Gnome, by Laura E. Richards, and God is Like This by Rowena Bennett. After that came There's No Place Like Space by Tish Rabe (Cat in the Hat does beginner's astronomy, although it was printed and we bought it before Pluto was demoted) and finally we read two chapters in volume 1 of his Bible Story books, to coincide with our Creation story Bible activity, which was gluing wisps of cotton balls to a picture of the ocean and sky. There are some wonderful printable activity books available at Child Evangelism Fellowship. I have used them in the past (about 2.5 years ago) and was happy to see they've added more since that time. They are very simple, and it won't be long before Ethan outgrows them, but we will use them for now because they are wonderfully sensory.

And that was that. I wish every day went as well.

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