Monday, January 12, 2009

Number Recognition

By far the best thing we've found for number recognition was accidental. It's Dave's measuring tape - a big, heavy, metal thing that Ethan discovered, begged for, and has been carrying around for three days now as he compulsively measures everything in the house. "Daddy, this cup is 4 inches!" "This book is 10 inches, Mommy!"

Even better, "Mommy, what is three-six?" So, yes, we get to talk about when there are two numbers, if the first one is 2 you say twenty, and if the first one is 3 you say thirty. Something I didn't think we'd be getting into for several months. It took him a while to catch on (Mommy, is 'three-six' 33?") but now? He just needs a gentle nudge and he can tell you each number through the twenties and thirties.

So on a day like today, when our school session was cut short right in the middle of math (it involved a toddler who has discovered the joy of removing his diaper), he still did math after dinner, all the way up until bedtime - far longer than if we'd finished our class, and he had a lot more fun.

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