Thursday, February 19, 2009

Long Time No See

Well, hello there!

We dropped off the face of the Earth for a bit, but we're back now!

Today Ethan did a worksheet counting items in a row and finding the corresponding number on the line underneath.

We did a practice page of writing 3s (which will definitely need some work).

Yet another round (actually, two rounds) of "Ready, Set, Go!" counting Duplos in sets of 3.

We counted fruit on a worksheet (numbers 11-15) for some practice (he seems to always want to skip 13 and 15).

We cut and pasted shapes to complete patterns.

We practiced telling top-of-the-hour time (he's VERY good at this; took him no time at all).

A match-the-outfit-to-the-weather cut and paste page.

Tracing letter B, upper- and lower-case.

We played a game where I would call off words and if it started with the B sound he would give me a thumbs-up, and if it did not, I got a thumbs down. He liked that a lot.

Simple letter search (think word search but for non-readers) with letter B

Bible story was creation days 4 and 5. He put little fish stickers in the water on a picture of the sea and sky.

Then to the couch for reading. LOTS AND LOTS of it today. We read the chapters in his Bible Story book for 4th and 5th creation days.

Then The Princess and the Pea, The Wind and the Sun, and The Three Wishes from the Usborne Bedtime Stories book (you've never seen a child laugh as hard as he did when I pinched my nose and said, "How could I enjoy byself wid everybody calling be sausage-dose?").

Then Tasha Tudor's One is One (even more practice counting to 20 - I LOVE this book. I had it when I was his age, too).

Then poetry! My, but we read a lot of that today.

The Pickety Fence, by David McCord
That Was Summer, by Marci Ridlon
Sound of Water, by Mary O'Neill
The Dark House, Author Unknown
Houses, by Aileen Fisher
Chairs, by Valerie Worth
What is Black?, by Mary O'Neill
Sunflakes, by Frank Asch

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